Precious Things in Life

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Precious Things in Life
In today’s modern society, economical status determines one’s social status. I have some friends who do not have any problem on spending their money to keep up with their lifestyle. They are given such privilege from their parents to be able to spend materially. In result, their social status among the others is considered privilege otherwise because of their exclusive lifestyle. They are often seen with a group of people who are in the same status range as them. It may seem as if they are living a perfect life surrounded by high-end materials to a group of loyal friends. However, it doesn’t seem as perfect as it seems once I get to know some of them.

Money may buy us everything we can ever wish for. It allows us to purchase goods and services, gain respect from other people; it provides us with security, or even a family in some cases. Nevertheless, money can never provides us with permanent satisfaction but temporary. Money can never buy us priceless moments, true happiness, or most importantly, time. These are the three things that we always wished for in our lives. And my friends who live in a perfect life we all always assume, hardly experience true happiness behind the overwhelming economic supply their parents gave them.

Their problems mostly revolve around family issues. Their parents are too busy working they don’t have any time to spare with them, thus them only could show their love by letting their children get whatever they want. One of them once told me, she would trade everything she has right now with her parents’ time so she can feel the joy of spending even just a day being together as a whole family. She told me that no matter how much money they are able to provide her, at the end of the day, it only provides her temporary satisfaction. Ever since she was a little girl, her parents barely spend time with her. She reminisced on how she wanted to go to a theme park badly with her parents like her friends at school...
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