Precious Movie Paper

Topics: Child abuse, Sociology, Harlem Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: October 27, 2011

Hollywood has never understood the real meaning of poverty, culture class, deviance, or sexual orientation until a director, Lee Daniels, had read the book “Push”, by Saphire, which the movie is an exact replicate of the book. When I had first seen the movie, I was very astonished at all the cursing and abuse that they had shown, I was also amazed that the director Lee Daniels, went over the line to show how hard it actually is to be a poor, young 16-year-old, African American female, pregnant, with her father’s second child, living in the poverty stricken of Harlem, New York.

Precious does very well to bite her tongue when it comes to her social issues. The relationship she has with her mother is abusive in every way, excluding sexual. In the beginning, I thought her mother was only abusive and acting in such cruel ways just because she was obese, or was suspended from school or for any other reason that some people use just so they can get away from their own problems they can’t handle themselves. When I had found out in the end of the movie, the last meeting with the social worker, why her mother is so abusive towards her. At first when she was describing how it all started, I thought she was just pulling things out of a black hat because she just wanted the welfare checks. Than seeing the expression on her face, and tears in her eyes I automatically knew that she was abusing the wrong person. Her father thinking that he has all the power in the world to rape his own blood just makes me wonder even more why some men think that’s alright. These are the social conflicts that intrigue me and make me want to become a behavioral psychologist to actually

understand why such behaviors happen the way they do and to predict the next moves so that it doesn’t happen again to any child no matter what age or race, nor, gender. Physical or sexual abuse should not be tolerated, those are the most common social conflicts that happen on a...
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