Precaution to Be Taken During Flood

Topics: Flood, Rain, Flash flood warning Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: June 21, 2011
What is a flood?
The first step to knowing what to do in a flood is to understand what it is and when it happens. A flood is when a large amount of water covers the ground. A flood can happen because of a heavy rain, because a creek, river or lake overflows, when ice and snow melts too quickly or when a dam breaks. A flood can occur nearly anywhere it can be just a few inches of water or the water can be very deep. A flood happens really quickly. The water in a flood moves very rapidly. Most often, a flash flood is caused by rain that falls faster than the rate of one inch per hour. A flash flood can occur in areas where it is not currently raining, since the floodwaters move rapidly downstream. Floods are most common in mountain stream areas and canyons, but they can happen in cities too.

Flood watches & warnings
In the event of a flood watch or warning, a message is usually broadcast on local radio and television stations. Children should be taught to recognize these alert messages and to know how to react to them. A flood watch means it is possible for a flood to happen in a particular area. A flood warning means a flood is either occurring or is about to happen. If children hear a flood watch alert, they should immediately tell an adult and should stay tuned to the station that issued the broadcast in case the watch is upgraded to a warning. In the event of a flood warning, children should tell an adult immediately and follow all of the advice for "what to do in a flood." The alert will indicate the geographic areas that may be affected by the flood, so they should listen carefully to see if their neighborhood is included. Children should be taught their city, county and zip code as well as how to locate your home on an area weather map to help them identify whether an alert pertains to them. During a flood watch, it is a good idea to prepare in case conditions worsen. Alert other people about the watch, seek an appropriate location for shelter in case...
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