Pre-Writing/Invention Strategies

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When writing to find a career in the writing strategy, I will have to ask myself questions of regarding: 1.What type job do I want?
2.Do I want to relocate or stay in my area?
3.How will this new job affect my children?
4.Do I have enough education for this job?
5.Does this job have career-path that you can move up in the company? 6.Am I able to do my job not physically but also mentally?

These are the questions that I ask myself on a daily basis as I approach towards graduate from college. There is several pre-writing strategy that this career-path can fall under such as using freewriting, brainstorming, clustering and journalistic techniques. Each of these strategies has different ways of trying to help someone in choosing the right way to write an essay that they are comfortable of using.

Freewriting is jolt down ideas on paper that comes in your head before you actual do any research on the specific idea. You don’t have to worry about any spelling or grammar mistakes because you are just writing what you are thinking at that point of time. Brainstorming is sort like freewriting but you gather your ideas, thoughts and opinions before jolt it down on paper. In this area of pre-writing you will have to make a list of your ideas instead of just writing them out completely like freewriting. Clustering is totally different then freewriting and brainstorming, in this area you stick your main topic in the center of the circle on the paper then you break that topic down to sub-topics circles then if you want to add more details you can add to the sub-topics.

The most effective strategy that I will probably used either freewriting or brainstorming because I can write everything down on one topic before I go and do any research on my topic or make a list of my topic. By choose these strategies the effectiveness is that there is no right or wrong way of putting your ideas down on paper as long as you stay on the topic instead of jumping around...
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