Pre-School Tips on Classroom Management

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It may be your job to introduce the students to concepts such as working in groups, being respectful while others are talking, and managing simple self-help skills such as hand washing and cleaning up after themselves. In order to make the children's introduction to school a positive one, you will need some basic classroom management skills and the ability to be flexible. Know that what works for one teacher will not always work for you. Try several different methods for lesson planning, behavior management and classroom communication before deciding what works best for you and your students. Be sure to bookmark this guide as it will be updated as more articles are added. * slide 2 of 3

Tips for Preschool Classroom Management
Here are some practical tips that will work for almost any age. Many basic techniques are covered here including how to create a preschool job board, how to set up your classroom for behavior success, and tips for terrific transitions. While some of these suggestions may seem simple, when they are implemented early and often, they can mean the difference between a well run classroom and a chaotic one. * Rules for a Preschool Classroom

What is the most important thing you would like children to learn while they are in your classroom? Being able to answer this question will help you set up a few basic classroom rules for your pre-k students. Here you will learn not only which rules to include in your classroom, but how to implement them as well. Practical tips for explaining and reminding children of the rules are included, also. Setting The Rules

Here's another handy guide for creating rules for your pre-k students. It is one thing to be able to follow classroom rules while within the four walls of the school, but what about when students are on the playground? What about field trips? Are there special rules for these situations that should be outlined? Find all the answers to those questions and more right here. Creating A Pre-K...
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