Pre Revolutionary War Attitudes

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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By the 1750’s, Americans began to query their involvement with the British Empire by establishing their own identity and unity as Americans. The colonist began to see a strong display of British oppression. Taxes and the different Acts, such as the Intolerable Acts caused the colonists to believe that it would be better if they were separated from their mother country. Colonists also felt that some of their rights and liberties were being taken away by the British Empire. By the eve of the revolution colonist had a sense of identity of an American. America became the melting pot of the world. Colonist began to think of themselves as a new race of men (Document H). Colonist slowly dismissed their ancient dispositions and demeanor and accommodated new ones (Document H). With a natural barrier (the ocean) between Great Britain and America, colonist started to think of the colonies as a separate nation (Document B). The ocean caused the colonist to believe that they were separated from the mother land for a reason (Document B). They believed that the ocean was there to prevent the colonies from blending with Great Britain (Document B). Since colonists were separated from Great Britain they considered having their own congress (Document D). The colonist would rather have three thousand people who is living near them and who can see the problems they are facing govern them rather than have one person govern them that isn’t there and doesn’t know what’s going on in the area the colonist are located at (Document D). Another act of identity is show in 1774 and 1775 (Document G). During those years Boston wasn’t relying on Great Britain to provide them with donations of goods, such as food, animals, or money (Document G). This illustrates that the colonies don’t need to confide on Great Britain and they can depend on the other colonies alternatively. Throughout these events it is evident that the colonists are displaying a sense of identity. Before the revolution, the...
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