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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Pre-Lab Cell (2)
Grade = 80%
1. Which of the following is not a membranous organelle?
A) lysosome
B) Golgi apparatus
C) centrosome
D) nucleus
E) vacuole

2. Centrioles are found within the
A) chromatin
B) chromosomes
C) centrosome
D) Golgi apparatus
E) may be all of the above

3. The 2nd picture on the second page of the cell and mitosis chapter in the lab manual shows A) red blood cells
B) smooth muscle cells
C) squamous cells
D) sperm

4. In which phase would you be able to see chromatin?
A) interphase
B) prophase
C) metaphase
D) anaphase
E) you can see chromatin in all of these phases

5. Which cell does not have a nucleus?
A) red blood cell
B) smooth muscle cell
C) squamous cell
D) white blood cell
E) all cells have a nucleus

6. The cell that will look like an "inner tube" under the microscope is the A) red blood cell
B) white blood cell
C) squamous cell
D) smooth muscle cell
E) sperm

7. Which statement is true?
A) all cells have nuclei
B) cells can never have more than one nucleus
C) many different types of cells in the body contain flagella D) squamous cells build a scale-like layer of protection on the surface of the skin E) all are true
Correct Answer(s):| D|

8. The blue or yellow round circles on the cell drawing on third page in the cell and mitosis chapter of the lab manual could be all EXCEPT: A) vacuoles
B) lysosomes
C) mitochondria
D) peroxisomes
E) vesicles

9. Which is true of the nuclear membrane?
A) has pores
B) made up of one phospholipid bilayer
C) made up of primarily protein
D) has many ribosomes on its surface
E) all are true

10. If a cell has 40 chromosomes, how many centromeres would it have when it is in metaphase? A) 40
B) 80
C) 20
D) 2
E) 1
Correct Answer(s):| A|
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