Pre-Interview Essay

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Pre-interview Essay 30/01/2013

I would like to follow the CELTA course for quite a few reasons. To begin with, and more importantly, I want to do the course so as to obtain the right qualifications for and English tutor. I think that the CELTA course can provide me, not only with the necessary teaching skills, but also with the highest knowledge of the subject. Moreover, if one already has the education and skills needed this course gives him the opportunity to keep up to date with the English language, because as it is widely known language, in general, keeps evolving and changing. Another important reason that makes me want to follow the course is the fact that CELTA diploma is recognized thru out the world. That is a great advantage as one has the opportunity to work at almost any country he desires. Needless to say that this is of great benefit not only to one’s teaching experience but to him as a person, as he will be able to broaden his horizons by meeting new educational systems and cultures. I believe that I would be a successful teacher of the English language because I am very interested in it, therefore, I would constantly try to enrich my knowledge around it and do my best to be up to date, not only with the language itself but with educational systems so that my students would get the best education possible from me. I am of the opinion that you must love what you do so as to be good at it and teaching is what I love. Other than that, I feel that I am the kind of person that can pass his knowledge to the others. I am friendly and easy-going which makes people around me feel comfortable and able to trust me. On the other hand, I am very organized and focused on my goals, even a little bit of a control freak...
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