Pre-Historic Eras and Theories on Philippine Human History

Topics: Southeast Asia, Stone Age, Neolithic Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: November 15, 2012
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Paleolithic Era:
* Greek in origin:
* Palaios: old
* Lithos: stone
* Literal translation: Old Age Of The Stone
* 2.6 m.y.a until 10,000 Before Present
* (In which Present is Jan. 1, 1950)
* Distinguished by the primary use of stone as tools for hunting, and building. * Men also used bone and wood as material for tools.
* Men hunted in small groups or bands.
* A rich source of Paleolithic artifacts is the Euphrates river. * Regarding human evolution, this era was home to the Australopithecines until the Homo Sapiens Sapiens Mesolithic Era:
* Greek in origin:
* Mesos: middle
* Lithos: stone
* Literal translation: Middle Stone Age
* Around 9000 BCE until 6000 BCE.
* A short period of time shortly after the last Ice Age, until the development of agriculture * Men were nomadic hunter-gatherers.
* They hunted most megafauna into extinction.
* Used more advanced weapons like bows and spears.
* They began to gather plants from the ground, and plant the seeds, beginning the agricultural revolution.

Neolithic Era:
* Greek in origin:
* Neos: new
* Lithos: stone
* Literal translation: New Stone Age
* Was the last stone age.
* Start of the agricultural revolution, along with the domestication of animals. * Men began to settle in shelters due to their reliance on cultivation of crops. * The technology is now much more advanced, with new tools for different jobs such as harvesting of crops (sickles and grounding stones), and food production. (Pottery) * Clothing came from animal pelt, fastened by bone and antler pins, which were ideal for fastening leather.

Island Origin Theory
Wilhelm Solheim's concept of the Nusantao Maritime Trading and Communication Network (NMTCN), while not strictly a theory regarding the biological ancestors of modern Southeast Asians, does suggest that the patterns of...
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