Pre Civil War Economy

Topics: American Civil War, Maryland, Economics Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Pre-Civil War Economy

Economy always will be a major issue of any prospering nation. Because it is such an issue there is always a debate on how to build/keep an economy. Things were no different during the pre-civil war era. The north and south argued over the issue so much that it was one of the major causes of the civil war. In the years before the civil war the north and south followed very different economic paths.

The north had many more people than the south and attracted many more European immigrants. The south had smaller and fewer cities along with one third of its population in slavery. The northern economy was more diversified into the fields of agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, financial, and transportation. In the South, slavery slowed the development of industry and cities and discouraged technological innovation. The majority of the South’s economy came from farming and agriculture. The south was wealthy with a rapidly growing economy because of the free slave labor. The machinery that came out of northern industrialism greatly helped the north in production. The south could not keep up with northern machinery. Another major issue that made the north and south argue was tariffs. The south wanted low tariffs when the north wanted high tariffs to protect themselves from cheaper European products.

The north and south agued on many points leading to the civil war. Economic issues were one of the more important issues. Today it is still a major debate between democrats and republicans. The issue of what to do with the economy will never go away. Sources
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