Praying Together and Staying Together: Couple Prayer and Trust

Topics: Religion, Prayer, Spirituality Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Praying together and staying together: Couple prayer and trust. The article that I will be reviewing is on Couple’s prayer and trust. The current studies advance this line of research by examining the effects of praying with and for a partner on trust levels reported in close relationships. We hypothesize that regular joint prayer in relationships will increase levels of trust, and that increased relational unity or emotional “oneness” will mediate this relationship between prayer and trust. I selected this article because both my husband and I are Christian and believe in prayer and the power of prayer. I agree with the authors with “there is reason to suspect that joint religious activities have important consequences for relationship outcomes”. When my husband and I attend church together, we share the same beliefs that God is working in our lives and he has brought us together as one to worship and praise him for all of his grace and mercy on our soles. I understand that there are some couple who attend church together and they have different beliefs and ideas on how the church should be run. Couples can attend different churches and still have the trust factor in their relationship. I do not believe that the church is the one who holds the trust in couple’s relationship. Prayer is a powerful thing and when couples do pray together they tend to stay together longer. They trust that God will make a way for them and they believe that God put them together to stay until dealth. Rempel, Holmes, and Zanna (1985) point out that trust can be fortified by positive past experience of a relationship partner’s trustworthiness. Thus, it may be that if a couple has convergent values, goals, and beliefs, they may perceive their partner’s behavior as being more predictable. It follows that this greater predictability could make a partner seem more trustworthy. For this reason, a couple with these shared characteristics may be more inclined to trust. I...
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