Pravarana Purnima of Buddhism

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Hope on Prabarana Purnima: Establish Communal Harmony

Prabarana Purnima is the second largest festival observed by the Buddhist community of Bangladesh. Each year, Prabarana is celebrated on the full moon day of the eleventh month of the lunar calendar, usually at the end of October month. This year, the Prabarana day has been observed on 29th of October. The Buddhists celebrate this occasion with lots of joys and amusements. From the time of Buddha, Prabarana ceremony has been observed as a custom by the Buddhist community people. The main attraction of this great occasion is the Fanush Flying festival, which has now crossed the inter-religion barrier and is being celebrated by people of all religions in Bangladesh. Many people, irrespective of their religion, gather at the Buddhist temple on the day of Prabarana to participate and enjoy the beautiful moments of Fanush festival.

In Buddhism, the people who leave their family and house and accept the life of monks are called Bhikkhus (Buddhist monks). Now-a-days, the Bhikkhus stay in temples and pass their life according to the rules and regulations of Sangha, the combined community of Bhikkhus. However, during the times of Buddha, there were no temples and the Bhikkhus did not have any fixed place to stay. They would wander from village to village and beg their foods from the villagers. They used to sleep in jungles, under the trees, and in empty places during nights. Sometimes, they would go to the deep jungles and hills in search of calm and cool places to practice meditation. During the rainy season, it became difficult for them to wander and collect their foods. The Bhikkhus had to pass over paddy fields of villagers which would cause harm to the crops. The village people once went the Buddha and complained against the Bhikkhus of destroying their crops. Buddha then asked all the Bhikkhus to stay inside the temple during the three months of rainy season so that that do not cause any harm to the...
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