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Traffic experts, architects against removing traffic islands - Times Of India

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Traffic experts, architects against removing traffic islands Tushar Tere, TNN Oct 31, 2011, 10.30PM IST


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Traffic Department

VADODARA: Traffic department's suggestion that prominent traffic islands in the city be removed to address traffic issues has shocked traffic experts and architects. They are up in arms against the traffic department stating that removing the scenic islands would be a blasphemous act and worsen the traffic problems. The traffic department had recently written to Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) suggesting that prominent circles on Gaurav Path Road that includes the stretch from airport to the end of Old Padra Road be removed. The letter suggested that in all 14 circles including some others on busy roads be removed to improve the traffic flow. "Has the traffic department done any study on the traffic flow and density in these areas to justify its suggestions? How can it think of mowing down all the traffic islands - some of which have become landmarks of the city? World over, the importance of traffic islands in handling traffic flow has been well documented," said traffic expert Ajitsinh Gaekwad. Ads by Google

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Traffic experts, architects against removing traffic islands - Times Of India

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"There are some traffic islands that have been constructed at wrong places on crossroads but not all the 14 circles are flawed. There are some circles like Bird Circle, Rhino Circle or VUDA circle that help in maintaining discipline at crossroads," Gaekwad told TOI. In the past, the civic body has been forced to reduce the size of the sprawling circles to make way for traffic. Prominent circles like the IPCL Circle at Fatehgunj, Kala Ghoda Circle and Sayaji Iron Circle have been made smaller repeatedly. Gaekwad feels that reducing the size of traffic too won't help much. "Some of the traffic islands like the Ambedkar Circle near GEB and Shivaji Circle near Munj Mahuda have been wrongly constructed in the middle of the crossroads. They obstruct traffic flow during peak hours and hence should be shifted to one side of the road," he suggested. Tanuj Desai, chairperson of Institute of Interior Designers and an architect by profession, said, "Some of these circles not only help manage traffic flow during peak hours but have become the city's identity. How can one think of removing Nizampura circle or Kalaghoda Circle? Some of the circles like Bird Circle are visited by families on weekends apart from being used as a site for demonstrations. Police and VMC should appoint a panel of experts to discuss...
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