Prashant Lakhera Analysis

Topics: Complex, Inferiority complex, Question Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: December 10, 2010
Analysis of what has happened so far in the CRA-CDB project. And how Mr Lakhera missed opportunities to manage the situation effectively:- At the first meeting, more emphasis should have been on getting to know about Mr Ghosh. During the site visits, they should have asked for help from Mr Ghosh rather than being passive analysts. They should have given him due respect and tried to develop a friendly relationship with him. Since Mr Ghosh was not ready to initiate interaction, they should have taken the initiative. And also should have determined a timeline for the project. Finally rather than asking Mr Ghosh to keep quiet during the Mumbai meeting. They should have asked him to give his insights.

Mr Ghosh’s Problems:-
Mr Ghosh felt a high degree of insecurity. He had an inferiority complex because he was not well educated and hence not well versed in English .Also he had raised himself from the bottom rungs whereas the other members were MBA degree holders. He realized the difference in knowledge levels and tried to compete with the others by withholding information and also refused to give them any useful insights.

1.Settle thing informally
The task at hand will be completed on time.
There will be a considerable improvement in team the dynamics. CONS:
It may take some time to settle things with Ghosh

2.Request more time from client CCL and redo the project without Mr Ghosh PROS:
More time will be required to complete the report which will not reflect well on the brand image of both the organisations. CONS:
This option is not cost effective since a lot of time and money have already been wasted. •Also getting resources like analysts or...
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