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  • Published: February 12, 2013
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Report on HR Department

PRAN group of companies is one of the leading business institutes of Bangladesh .We have prepared report based on Practices of SHRM of Pran Food &Beverage . To prepare this report we have followed informal questionnaire. In the report we discuss about Company overview, literature review, Business strategy of the PRAN Food and Beverage, relationship between business strategy and HR practices of the organization, influence of business strategy various HR practices .PRAN encourage their employee to take part in opportunities and programs that will add to their aptitude to bring value and ensure further augmentation and achievement for themselves and the Company. Every year they are challenging their previous success. They are pleased with that what they have achieved previously but not delighted with that. (Pran Food, n.d.) and Beverage every endeavor is to outweigh their past performance. They are growing and growing in the global market. At last we shortly discuss practices of Strategic Human Resources Management in Bangladeshi local company PRAN Food and Beverage.

Background of the company5
HR as an important perspective7
Common Issues of HR8
Currently faced problems9
Employee Workforce Management9
Labor Management9
Achievable Solutions10
To speed up the workforce10
For Labor enforcement10

The complexity of the entire globalization process, which gave rise to increasing mutual dependence of different economies, branches and organizations, makes new issues with respect to human resources and their knowledge as the sole creative factor of the new value and profit creation actual. Instead of the present day domination of natural and financial resources, the world's well-developed countries are redirecting their developmental goals and strategies toward the...
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