Praise: Sentence and Thesis Statement

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  • Published : October 27, 2011
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I. Introductory Paragraph

A. An opening sentence that gives the readers selection's title and author and begins to answer the first part of the topic: In the essay “ In Praise of Margins” Ian Frazier describes the values of marginal activities and places. B. Main points to include in the directed summary:

World gets jammed up, we need margins.
Ones that don't quite work out, don't sufficiently account for themselves in the economical world. Try old ideas that you might be afraid to admit to people looking on. Marginal places Frazier refers to in his passage are the ones that only benefit ourselves.

C. Write out your thesis statement. It should clearly agree or disagree with “In Praise of Margins” and state a clear position using your own word. As adults, stress is one thing everyone must face. I agree with Frazier on having marginal places and activities, how they are valuable, because it is the best help to relive ones mind from this fast paste world. Body Paragraphs

A. Subject of paragraph: Frazier Marginal activity.
1. Controlling idea sentence: The need for marginal activities. 2. Corroborating details: Being out doors, having fun, valuable places to go to. 3.Careful description of the details' relevance: Frazier and I have similarities. I like being outdoors. Have fun. See things that are valuable. Except bring in the wood. 4. Connection with thesis statement: Setting my mind off everything else. B. Subject of paragraph: My marginal activity.

1.Controlling idea sentence: My marginal activity is going to the gym. 2. Corroborating details: A place to work out and enjoy the atmosphere around. 3.Careful description of the details' relevance: Relief stress and empty my mind and body. Doing something healthy and productive for myself. 4. Connection with thesis statement: My value towards it.

C. Subject of paragraph: Park's and My identical thought.
1.Controlling idea sentence: Getting away from work.
2. Corroborating details: Purpose is to waste...
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