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1.Identify three examples of German compounds with their English translations and explain the relevant differences between English and German visible in these cases (three different cases/aspects). hinterlistig(em Lächeln) - shrewdly: Prenominal-Adjective compound in German; The German phrase does not quite reproduce the meaning of the adverb “shrewdly” in the English original, but it is necessary because a literal translation would sound a little unidiomatic in German (“sagte Fred scharfsinnig”). Familienehre – Family honor: Noun-Noun compound in both languages; compound linker in German (Familienehre); classical single word orthography in German, whereas there are no morphological markers in English, there even is a space between the compound parts Wärmflaschen - warming pans: Verb-Noun compound; the verb modifies the Noun (endocentric), expressing an instrumental use (the “Flaschen” have the function to warm somebody); exocentric in English (a warming pan is not a pan in the literal sense); Noun-Noun phrase in English, because “warming” is a gerund; Identify one examples each for a German (separable type) and an English particle verb, and use them to show relevant differences and similarities between the two languages. Vorbeigehen- In German, particle verbs are separable, when used in a sentence, e.g. „Im vorbeigehen schloss er die Tür.“, or „Er schloss die Tür während er vorbei ging.“ Started up- In English, particle verbs as well can be separable or inseparable (transitive or intransitive). In this case, the particle verb is intransitive, which means, that the verb and the particle/the preposition cannot be separated. “They […] started up another, narrower staircase.” , not “*they started another, narrower staircase up” In other cases, the verb and the particle are separable, like in the sentence “Turn the lights on” or “Turn on the lights.”

2. Which difference in addressing people between German and English is visible in the Harry Potter excerpt?...
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