Practicum Report

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Name of Industry and General locations


Cravings Restaurant and Bakeshop


Location / Branches

Katipunan Avenue
(Main Branch)

Shangrila Plaza

Fraser Place Serviced Residence

Tomas Morato

Festival Mall

West Avenue

Ownership/ Name of the Owner

Craving Restaurant and Bakeshop was owned by Annie and Badjie Guerrero. On their testimony, they said;

All my life I have been fascinated by food, its aroma and appearance, its texture And taste.

Among my pleasant childhood memories are those spent in the warmth of the kitchen at our home in Malabon watching a pot bubbling gently on our Hotpoint stove, counting aloud our cook Tikyo’s strokes as he mixed the vanilla cake batter, punching down braided roll dough and then watching with utter amazement as it slowly grew in size.

As a child, nothing pleased me more than to be my mother’s side, watching her cook for our family of eight. (This probably why, without intending to, I have standardized all my mother all my mother has been of much influence in my life, certainly in my choice of a career in food service.

So now, here is CRAVINGS Restaurant and Bakeshop who truly serve for you.

Historical Background

Cravings opened its door on October16, 1988 at Katipunan Avenue across Ateneo de Manila University. The initial concept of Cravings was takeout restaurant and bakeshop. But due to the insistent demands of customers for a dining area Cravings was led to put up bistro right beside the kitchen. Within one year of operation, the dining is had to undergo two renovations to accommodate the growing number of customers. Blessed with luck and success with the turnout of Cravings, the Guerrero family (who owns and runs the business) felt the need to expand. And so, a second cravings was established on December 18, 1990 at Wilson St.., san Juan, M.M… Since then, one branch per year was added, respectively in Robinson’s galleria EDSA Shangrila Plaza, PCIB Tower II in Makati and the Cravings Center Katipunan. To keep pace with its yearly expansion, a sixth branch will set up on its sixth year at the Greenbelt mall in Makati.

The Cravings Center in Katipunan aside from being the main office and commissary of Cravings, also houses other forms of operations. There is the Hotel called “ The Orange place “ which has 14 luxuriously furnished rooms with neoclassic theme pervading. The hostel offers premium hotel amenities at very reasonable rates.

Beyond it was, and so other business came after Cravings. Aside from the opened doors for franchising, other affiliates came in. The Coffee Beanery, Classic Cuisine of the Philippines, seven Suites Hotel Observatory, The Orange Place Hostel, they established the culinary school called “ Center for Culinary Arts” , which is operated by Cravings Food Services, Inc. in Affiliation with Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada. It is the first culinary school of the Philippines. It offers hands on instructions for aspiring culinarians as well as state of the art equipment to facilitate a professional learning environment. The school Provides the outstanding education that will bring Cravings closer to realizing its corporate vision. “To evolve into a full service organization with world class standard”.

Passion sets us apart, and this is the reason why we are Cravings. They give more than just good food and classic ambience special for the privileged guests. They make sure that they go beyond to extend distinct and personalized service

Every dish at Cravings is a reflection of passion that went beyond expectations and vision. We keep up amidst trends, and effortlessly we remain to be. We believe that one cannot offer something that is not within, thus we stand proud of our passion…. To give delight to every guest’s longing.



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