Practicum Report

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Samantha Corp
Medical Assistant Externship

Medical Assistant Practicum Report
In my externship, I split my time between the lab at the hospital and the office. A typical day for me began at 7 in the morning. I started at the lab drawing blood out of patients. Usually on Mondays, it was the busiest. An order would come in through the window, once the patient had registered. On this order, there was the patient’s hospital ID number and their demographics, which included: name, address, insurance information, and their primary care physician. If it was a recent order from the doctor, then it would have the script with the registration page. If it was a standing order, such as a Prothrombin Time, it would just have the registration page, and the laboratory tech would use their hospital number to look up the patient and go into their scanned orders to pull it up.

Once the order was pulled up and printed, the tech would then go in and order the laboratory tests to be administered, whether it was a urine analysis, culture, or blood work. Once it was ordered, labels would print out and the tech would go out to call the patient back. When calling the patient back the tech only uses the patient’s first name, never the last name, this way their identity is protected through HIPPA. Once the patient is in the draw room, the patient’s identity is double-checked by having the patient spell their last name and confirm their date of birth. Also if the patient was in for a Prothrombin Time test, then I would ask when their last dose of Coumadin or blood thinner was. Once the patient’s identity is thoroughly confirmed, then the tech will check the tests to identify the tubes that the specimen will be placed into for testing. When I was drawing the patients, I would ask them where they normally get drawn at, or if there was a certain place that they preferred. They would usually reply with an answer that I was able to go with.

Once I applied the tourniquet, I would feel...
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