Practicum Report

Topics: Hotel, The Establishment, Motel Pages: 8 (2264 words) Published: October 11, 2012
I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following persons/individuals to the development of my paper/project: My classmates and Friends
Who’s been there supporting me; every time that I got questions about our paper, I always ask for their advise. I greatly value their friendship and I deeply appreciate their belief in me. My Family

None of this would have been possible without the love and patience of my family. My immediate family to whom this dissertation is dedicated to, has been a constant source of love, concern, support and strength all these years. I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to my family. My extended family has aided and encouraged me throughout this endeavor. I warmly appreciate the generosity and understanding of my extended family who’s always giving me my allowance, for me to be able to go to my practicum site. To our practicum adviser, Mr. Romeo Carangian

I have been amazingly fortunate to have an adviser who gave me the freedom to explore on my own, and at the same time the guidance to recover when my steps faltered. Whose been there guiding, supporting and encouraging us. It is also because of his efforts that all of us have a practicum sites, And lastly to the ONE

who give us the strength to keep moving, God, because of his guidance we were able to finished our hotel Practicum safely.


This practicum report is lovingly dedicated to my respective family who have been my constant source of inspiration. They have given me the drive and discipline to tackle any task with enthusiasm and determination. Without their love and support this project would not have been made possible. INTRODUCTION

The most or the biggest trial that we (fourth year students, taking up the course Hospitality Industry Management) must engage/ must encounter is the “Hotel practicum” or the so called “OJT” for five hundred to Three hours. Because, on this stage we would use all of the things we learned inside of the school, whether it’s from minor or major subjects. From Personality to Front Office management. Applying in a Hotel is one of the biggest part of the “trial”, ‘cause from this stage you would start to feel the competition, from the height, from the appearance of oneself and mostly from a school. It is indeed very hard, especially if you are from those schools that are so called “low profile”. But luckily for us, we manage (w/the help of our practicum coordinator) to be part of a hotel establishment. As for me, I got into a very good establishment, the Villa Victoria Hotel. I finished my three hundred hours smoothly, we did encounter some obstacles inside but it didn’t become such a bother, and because of this stage I learned personally that things didn’t go according to plan, and one of the most important character a student must have either she or he would be applying for Restaurant or Hotel Practicum is Patience, because everything needs time, we could not demand them to allow us to have our over time during the night; and also we have to make a choice and stick to it and face the consequences along with it. RECOMMENDATION

EstablishmentThe Tagaytay Country Hotel as a establishment is now reaching thepeak of success. It should have additional staffs that areknowledgeableenough in terms of their work because of the growingdemands. TagaytayCountry Hotel in the other hand still lack someamenities and facilities. Thisshould be given attention immediately to beable to meet the guest¶s needsand demands. They should also posemission and vision at the front office.EmployeeIn recruiting hotel personnel candidate¶s qualifications andexperiencesshould be taken into account. As far as the existing personnel, regular trainingmust be provided. Substitution between thenew and the existing personnelcan be a good option in order to providesatisfactory service to the guestneeds.ManagementThe hotel must have proper monitoring of the maintenance crew as farasthe repairs...
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