Practicum Reflection Paper

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Every fourth-year teacher trainees will have to conduct practicum and will work under the guideline of their associate teachers and supervisors. The purpose of doing the practicum are to put training into practice, to become accustomed to teaching in the tertiary school settings, and to develop and expand each trainee’s teaching expertise and confidence. In the following paragraph, I will express what I have learnt from doing practicum to reflect on my past teaching strengths and weaknesses from the teaching practicum.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the lesson planning and delivering. As we have already learnt from Teaching Methodology 402, lesson plan works as guideline and help us a lot as teacher trainees. It reminds us what to do, which data and techniques to use to facilitate both teaching and learning. As for the process of planning and delivering the lesson plan, I would dear to say that it is not an easy thing to do. For my case, the first time I planned my lesson plan I spent about ten hours to complete it. I had to think of the objectives of the lesson I would teach, collect materials to use, and select techniques which is suitable with the materials I chose and would help students to have reason to study. It is not enough yet; I had also discussed with both my associate and supervisor lecturers and my peers for ideas and advice. Next, it is about the classroom management. Monitoring students and the class is needed during our teaching. We have to make sure that students are listening to our instruction, when we are giving it to them. We can ask one or two students to repeat or tell other students what they are supposed to do. It is recommended that we have to frequently spend our time walking around the class. In doing so, we can monitor the students effectively. Also, it is easy for students to ask question if there are any. Voice projection also plays very important in language teaching. It is fact that louder speech can make our teaching...
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