Practicum Narrative Report

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I am very happy that I had my practicum at Max's Restaurant, Quezon Avenue. Being part of the lovable people of Max's is really great and it was very memorable for me. I applied at Max's through online so I was surprised that it only took me one day waiting for their confirmation if I'm hired or not but thanks God- it's positive. :)

Specifically, I applied for CSA (Customer Sevice Attendant) for I know that it could really improve me as a person and of course, to improve my skill and knowledge as an HRM student. On the first day, Mam Rizza who is our good and patient trainer taught a small background/ history of Max's Restaurant. We learned that it started since 1945when Maximo Gimenez Gimenez decided to open a café which served chicken, steak, and drinks. He was joined by his wife Mercedes, sister-in-law Felipa Serrano Sanvictores, his niece Ruby who managed the kitchen, and her husband Claro. After that, they were encouraged to expand the menu and serve more Filipino food. Max's Restaurant bills itself as "The house that fried chicken built". Max's Restaurant currently has over 127 branches in the Philippines and has opened branches internationnally.

After the first orientation, we're on the second part which is the Menu Familiarization which is quite difficult for those who are not good in memorization. Honestly, at first, I got confused with the product codes and descriptions of every food item but thanks to Mam Rizza for being knowledgeable and proactive teacher to us. After this, she also taught the different wares used for soups/ salads, main course, side dishes, desserts and beverage glasses. After discussion, Mam Rizza gave us many activities (by group) to promote friendship and camaraderie among us. So, its so really nice because all of us feel that we are one big family. After this, Mam Rizza gave us our long quiz for the preparation on the actual examination. Finally, I passed the examination. :)

The third part of the orientation is all about the Dining Training Program which is also the last part of our orientation program. This program composed of 2 parts. First part was all about the service quality, customer needs, etiquettes, do's & don'ts and rewards of excellent service. To summarize, this is more on the service quality and the etiquettes of a service personnel. We have learned the different principles and rules followed at Max's. Mam Rizza discussed to us the customer's need for us to understand who are the guests? and what are their needs as a guest? Next is the 7 deadly sins that pertains to things or actions to avoid while on duty and last is the rewards of excellent service. Overall, Mam Rizza gave us the motivation for us to be a lovable people of Max's by giving our excellent and "TODO BIGAY SERVICE" to all the guests. Additionally, Mam Rizza always reminds us that GOOD ATTITUDE AND CHARACTER IS A MUST! Second part was all about the "Sectionalization" which implies the knowing and understanding the responsibilities of each service personnel (greeter, seater/rover, ordertaker, waiter and servers). We learned the first rule: "No guest is left unattended and all stations are manned at all times." The dining sequence composed of 7 parts. Starting from the greeting the guests, leading them to their tables, presenting menu and removing extra settings. These first 4 actions should be done with a big smile and care making the guests feel that they are welcome and at home. Next will be the order taking, suggestive selling, repeating orders and punching orders. On this stage, presence of mind is really needed because you have to entertain all the questions of the guests and you have to get the orders of the guests correctly that's why repeating orders is very important. Same on the first stage, a big smile and care for every guest. Ooopsss... Don't forget to take the name of the guest and introduce yourself to them. The third...
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