Practice Test Questions: Mental Health and Psychological Disorder

Topics: Schizophrenia, Abnormal psychology, Mental disorder Pages: 6 (1217 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Practice Test Questions

Multiple Choice

1. As you read this item, which provides the best estimate of the percentage of North Americans suffering from a psychological disorder? ___a. 10 percent___c. 50 percent
___b. 30 percent___d. There is no way to make such an estimate.

2. Which words, terms, or concepts are NOT included in your textbook’s definition of abnormality? ___a. maladaptive___c. distress or discomfort
___b. bizarre or strange___d. affect, behavior, and/or cognition

3. Which of the following is TRUE concerning people with psychological disorders? ___a. They tend to be more dangerous than others.
___b. They usually realize that they have some sort of problem. ___c. They are distinctly different from persons who are normal. ___d. They are people who have poor self-control or will power.

4. The “etiology” of a disorder refers to the
___a. cause of the disorder.
___b. extent to which it is disabling.
___c. type of treatment called for.
___d. nature of the likely outcome of the disorder.

5. Classification schemes and labels for psychological disorders, such as those found in the DSM-IV-TR, have some potential problems. Which of these is NOT one of those problems? ___a. Labels tend to dehumanize real human suffering. ___b. There is no logical or sensible rationale behind such schemes. ___c. They usually focus on the individual and not the larger group to which the person belongs. ___d. Schemes and labels may define and describe but they do not explain.

6. Tracy reports feeling anxious, nervous, and “on edge” all day long. She is tired, but cannot seem to sleep well. Sometimes she feels like crying for no reason at all. If Tracy has a disorder, the best diagnosis is probably that Tracy is experiencing a __________ disorder. ___a. psychogenic fugue___c. generalized anxiety

___b. obsessive-compulsive___d. panic

7. What two words best differentiate between panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder? ___a. acute and chronic___c. rational and irrational ___b. stimulus and response___d. distress and discomfort

8. More than anything else, what is the difference between fear and anxiety? ___a. Fear is more commonly irrational; anxiety is rational. ___b. Fear involves the autonomic nervous system, anxiety does not. ___c. Fear is the symptom of a disorder; anxiety is not. ___d. Fear requires an object; anxiety does not.

9. Everything else being equal, which of these disorders has the best prognosis? ___a. schizophrenia___c. phobic disorder
___b. dissociative identity disorder___d. antisocial personality disorder

10. Constantly checking and rechecking to confirm that the front door is really locked may be a sign of ___a. a fugue state.___c. a conversion disorder.
___b. a phobia.___d. an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

11. Which of these is most likely to result from experiencing some real, life-threatening event? ___a. psychogenic fugue___c. posttraumatic stress disorder ___c. child abuse___d. panic attacks

12. By definition, what do the somatoform disorders have in common? ___a. either hallucinations or delusions
___b. bodily symptoms or complaints
___c. exaggerated fears and anxiety
___d. feelings of profound depression

13. The disorder that used to be called multiple personality disorder is ___a. significantly less common than it was 50 years ago. ___b. now one of the more common forms of schizophrenia. ___c. classified as a dissociative identity disorder. ___d. characterized by a sense of la belle indifference.

14. More than anything else, what do personality disorders have in common that makes them different from other varieties of psychological...
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