Practice of Marketing

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Question: 1. Practice of marketing assignment.

I have chosen Nando’s as my Fast Food outlet. It is a South African Fast Food Franchise that sells spicy chicken meals and many other sauces and spices. Nando’s is also sold internationally, but will always be known as South African. Nando’s is most recognized for it’s A-Grade chicken and it’s famous Peri-Peri sauces.

5 Most important strengths.

One of the most important strengths is that Nando’s was founded and made in South Africa and Nando’s has assured everyone that it will always be that way. All chicken and ingredients made in Nando’s meals in South Africa are totally from South Africa making Nando’s totally a South African brand. Nando’s has famous and unique sauces that are put on most of their meals. This source is so popular that customers eat Nando’s food just for the sauce. All of Nando’s chicken, sauces and spices are all make of natural ingredients and the chicken is of the highest A–grade quality. Nando’s have made it so that customers think that Nando’s is the most healthy fast food outlet. Nando’s also cater for Vegetarians, also trying to make customers think that Nando’s is a more healthy way of eating. Nando’s also have great adverts. They are all funny and witty. Nando’s believe that customers are drawn to their outlets through there advertising. When customers think of great adverts, they think of Nando’s Nando’s also put great emphasis on customer service. Staff is trained to make every contact with the customer count. They greet and welcome customers and also have entertainment available for customers when waiting for their food. Entertainment like magazines and television are provided.

Question: 2. Practice of marketing assignment.

Trends in a macro environment.

Businesses are affected by technology through new machines or new products. Once a company gets these new machines or products, a companies process will change. Technology could result in less money spent on production or the production rate could change.

A trend in this environment has a great affect on companies. This is where government makes laws and rulings that might have a great affect on your company, in how and what they can manufacture.

3.Economic Factors.
Here management must look at trends such as recession, inflation and other trends. Economic factors could determine who your target market is and how much people will spend in your stores.

Management can’t predict trends in this environment. They include languages, culture, standards of living, customs and so on. Basically these trends influence customers in what to buy and when they will buy them.

5.Demographic changes.
This refers to trends such as age, location and race. These trends can be very important to the success of a outlet in that these trends determine what needs are to be meet in a community that a outlet is located in.

1.Most Nando’s outlets have the latest computer systems. These systems take all orders, displays it for kitchen staff and controls and tells the manager how much stock the outlet has and how much it needs. Nando’s outlets rely on their computer systems a lot as all the work activities are recorded by the computer and the results are displayed for management. Without their computer systems, production rate will slow down as the staff taking the order will have to now write the orders down and other staff have got to now work with this poorly written slip, making the production process slow, due to lack of proper communications.

2.Nando’s have to, by law, use chicken that is from South Africa. They may not get chicken from another country at a cheaper price, it has to be from South Africa. This affects Nando’s in that they now have to find the best place in South Africa to buy their chicken.

3.Basically economic trends such as...
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