Practice Makes Perfect

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  • Published : February 13, 2012
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Practice is the constant use of one’s intellectual and aesthetic abilities. Perfection refers to achieving excellence is a particular subject. Proper planning and practice promotes perfect performance. Practice is the quality that prepares one for all other qualities. Practice enables one to avoid errors that were done previously. Practice begins in the cradle and ends in the grave. Rights from childhood, man practices various activities. Perfection is necessary in every sphere of life which includes arts, medicine, law, defence, etc. Perfection makes art and literature survive the tests of time. A person cannot be perfect in every sphere of life. But repeated practice lessons one’s deficiencies. One should also learn from one’s failures. Failures are the stepping stones to success. Practice enables a person to reach the heights of success. It makes a man perfect.

You cannot become a world-class musician unless you take up your instrument and play on it daily for hours together. You cannot become a Tendulkar merely through inborn skill. You have to go to the nets every day for hours to practise. You need a coach to guide you an tell you where you go wrong. Merit-holders in board examinations do not achieve their marks by pure inspiration. They have studied throughout the year and revisedand re-revised and made themselves perfect in whatever they have set out to study. It is only regular practice that makes one perfect.

If you don’t practise your work regularly, you will, at the most, be average in your performance. You will not win prizes or medals or awards. the most difficult task can be performaed by anyone if they take the trouble to practise daily and regularly. In fact, you can achieve almost anything with practice.
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