Practice Final Exam Eng-092

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Practice Final Exam

Part 1: In this section of the final exam, you will be asked questions about Active Reading Strategies. You will need to know the definitions of each one in order to answer the questions on the final exam. As a way of preparing, test your knowledge of each strategy by defining or describing each one in the space below.

Prediction – making educated guesses; guessing about thoughts, events, outcomes, and conclusions. Predictions are confirmed or denied, and the reader makes new predictions.

Questioning/Wondering – ask questions based on material in the text. Read with an eye toward finding answers to questions.

Summarizing – putting a text’s main ideas and main supporting points into one’s own words.

Visualizing – words and ideas on the page trigger mental images that relate directly or indirectly to the material.

Making Connections – relate existing knowledge to new information in the text

Part 2: Read the following passage in the left column. In the Think-Aloud section in the right column, read the thoughts of someone who has already read this passage. Next, in each blank, identify the reading strategy this reader activated while reading the passage, “Chicago and Cleveland.”

Chicago and Cleveland (1)
Chicago, at the southern tip of Lake Michigan, is a port city.(2) It is also an important commercial (3) and industrial center of the Midwest. It is well known for its educational, cultural, and recreational centers. Chicago draws thousands to its concert halls, art museums, and sports arenas.(4) Cleveland, on the south shore of Lake Erie, is also a port city and a commercial and industrial center important to its area (5). Like Chicago, it has several important educational, cultural, and recreational centers. It has colleges and universities, and a distinguished (6) symphony orchestra. It has one of the finest art museums of the world, and many recreational centers. The location of the two cities contributed to their growth, but this similarity is not enough to explain the wide social diversity(7) (8).

[Adapted from Smith, Breaking Through, 7th edition, p. 191]

(1) As I read the title, I ask myself if it’s a passage about how Chicago and Cleveland are alike. - PREDICTION

(2) I can imagine ships docking at the ports. - VISUALIZING

(3) Does “commercial” mean “business”? – QUESTIONING/WONDERING

(4) I have been to many of the concert halls, museums, and sports arenas in Chicago. – MAKING CONNECTIONS

(5) It seems like the author is going to compare Chicago and Cleveland. – PREDICTION

(6) What does the word “distinguished” mean? – QUESTIONING/WONDERING

(1) I’m confused by the words “social diversity.” I reread the sentence, and realize the author is not just comparing the locations, but the social opportunities in both cities. - QUESTIONING/WONDERING (2)

(3) This passage explains how these two cities have so much in common. It’s not only their locations that make them alike, it’s also their social diversity. – SUMMARIZING

Part 3: In this section, while reading the following passage, record the reading strategies you apply in order to construct meaning in the Think-Aloud column. Identify and explain each of the strategies you apply and indicate the number of the paragraph in which you apply each strategy. Write notes in the margin and underline parts of the text as you read, to help show your strategies.

Beauty and the Beef
When was the last time you opened a carton in a fast food restaurant and found a hamburger as appetizing as the ones in the TV commercials? On television the burger is a magnificent piece of flame-broiled beef. It is topped with crisp lettuce, bright and delicious red tomatoes, tangy onions, and plump pickles. All of this is between two halves of a gigantic sesame seed bun. But of course, the real-life Whoppers can’t compare to what you see on TV. (Par.1)...
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