Practice Controlled Assessment Englsih - Social Networking

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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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Ever since the internet was invented in 1973, a lot of controversy has been formed through which man has learned to adapt to it. Looking back nearly forty years ago, both students and adults found the uses of “Pacman” elaborating; drowning into a care-free world of complete and utter concentration; only which wasn’t through hard work at school. As we can see it’s the young people of this day and age who are suffering the most. Everything is being handed to them on a plate and cannot be controlled. Many gadgets are being put forward, with either widgets and apps risen to the altar or praised for helping them with their learning. Fair enough. But when they’re given the option to “Tweet” or “Change their status’” on Facebook and Twitter; this can result in them finding these social networking sites much more interesting to spend their time on. They soon begin to forget about their main target and become engrossed in that “one message” which soon becomes 2, 3, 4, 5, etc; the list could go on. This may seem as a biased opinion, so I will be comparing and contrasting two texts; based on these facts of social networking. I will be talking about the online Mail article entitled: “Pupils who spend time on Facebook do worse in exams”; and a leaflet to inform parents, carers and even teachers about “Young people and social networking sites” From my observations on the leaflet, I know that is states how the audience should be aware of the implications of social networking; but it also account for how young people or anyone else for that matter should and shouldn’t be treated given the circumstances through meeting someone new. This is especially earmarked if they’re under a well organized service provider and the restrictions t the content that young people want to access through these sites. Seeing as this is a leaflet aimed at the specific target audiences of: parents, carers and teachers, the writer needed to be aware of the dangers of the audience taking the...
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