Practice and Principles of Nursing

Topics: Patient, Nursing, Nurse Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Principals And Practices Of Nursing

Toni Annette Roberts

Western Governors University

Principles and Practices of Nursing

We will describe collaborating with other health care professionals in the management of health care, and what should be done according to this regulation. (Oklahoma Board of Nursing, 2011). We will describe confidentiality and discuss how it affects the Nurses professional decision making in this Case study. We will discuss the ethical implications of placing this patient on the ventilator. We will discuss things the Patients brother Mr. Y should consider before agreeing to allow Dr. K to place the Patient Mr. E on the ventilator, and facts that affect the Patients Advance Directive. We will discuss violations of HIPAA seen in this Case Study. We will discuss the conduct of the Nurses in this case study. We will discuss the steps the professional Nurse should take based on the ANA code of ethics. Collaboration is not just cooperation, it is the combined efforts of a team to provide the best care possible (Nursing World, 2010). The Physician and nurse should be working together to achieve the best care for this Patient. The Nurse and Physician should discuss the Patients condition and wishes and the wishes of the family if the Patient is incapable of making decisions for himself (Nursing World, 2010). The nurse and Physician should make certain the patients brother knows about the advance directive, so he will be able to make an informed decision about his brother's care. Confidentiality is very important in the medical field. Confidentiality represents a relationship between Patient and care giver of trust and respect for his privacy (Nursing World, 2010). If a Patient is unsure of privacy then the communication will be adversely affected. The Nurse in this scenario should never discuss patients in the dining area, the waiting room, or anywhere else that privacy can not be guaranteed (Nursing World, 2010). The...
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