Practice and Feedback Methods to Improve Performance of Basketball Layups

Topics: Layup, Skill, Performing arts Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Basketball is a game which requires a broad range of skills (See Appendix 1) in order to perform at a high standard (See Appendix 2 for characteristics of skilled performers) (Bach 2011). The game of basketball provides a singular opportunity to study the perception of skilled performance, since fans, coaches, athletes, and announcers all consider streaks to be a factual part of the game (Psychonomic Society 1995). A skilled performer demonstrates characteristics and abilities which allows them to perform consistently at a very high level. A skilled performer is often stronger, more flexible, better coordinated, balanced and fitter than unskilled performers. They are able to perceive, decide and act in a manner that is efficient in terms of both energy and time (HSC 2011). A motor (or movement) skill is an activity that involves muscular movements, with the correct degree of muscular control, to complete a reasonably complex predetermined task. There are four main methods that are used in order to gauge the level of an athlete’s motor skill. These methods include the three stages of learning, types of skills, types of practice and types of feedback (See Appendix 3). A layup is a one-handed shot made from near the basket. According to the motor skill method of classification of skill, a layup is serial, meaning in order to perform the skill accurately and effectively, there are several discrete tasks which need to be executed (See Appendix 4 for Subroutines of a basketball layup). During the testing phase for each basketball skill, results (See Appendix 5) clearly indicated that I was at the cognitive stage of learning with regards to my performance in basketball layups. Therefore, in order to improve my motor learning as part of skill acquisition I have chosen basic drills to assist in developing the correct routine for basketball layup’s. In order to ensure success of developing my skill acquisition, I have chosen to focus on two types of practice; part and...
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