Practice Acl Problem Answers

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Chapter 7

← Problem 7-43 - ACL Problem Solution

a. There are 44 payroll transactions in the Payroll file. (This is determined by reading the number at the bottom of the screen.)

b. The largest and smallest gross pay amounts for September are $4,395.83 and $1,278.33, respectively. (Use Quick Sort.)

c. Total gross pay for September was $99,585.46. (Use the Total command.)

d. The report on the following page shows gross pay by department. (Use the Summarize command on the Gross Pay column, save to a file, and print.) Note that this screenshot was produced using the “Screen” option in the Output tab of the Summarize window. Students’ hardcopy printouts will appear slightly different, but will contain the same departmental totals.

e. There are no exceptions in the calculation of net pay for September. (Use the following Filter: Gross Pay – Taxes < > Net Pay.)

f. There are no duplicate check numbers. (Use the Duplicates command on the check [cheque] number column). There are four missing checks (#12389- #12392). The audit concern is that there may be unrecorded payroll transactions. (Use the Gaps command on the check [cheque] number column.)

Report for requirement d:


Chapter 8

Problem 8-41 – ACL Problem Solution

a.The following is a printout of the Statistics command for Inventory Value at Cost:

Field : Value
Number Total Average Positive : 145 694,361.94 4,788.70 Zeros : 2
Negative : 5 -13,882.00 2,776.40 Totals : 152 680,479.94 4,476.84 Abs Value: 708,243.94
Range : 110,967.60
Highest : 100,800.00 37,100.00 25,548.60 24,738.00 23,136.00 Lowest : -10,167.60 -2,774.40 -595.20 -190.72 -154.08

There are 145 positive amounts, 2 zero amounts, and 5...
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