Practical Psychology for Everyday Life

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  • Published : November 20, 2012
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Practical Psychology for Everyday Life

Question 1
I think one of the most important concepts I learnt from the lecture is the effect and influence of the non-verbal behaviors and language, but the people mostly lack of awareness on them and create misunderstanding even discontent among all of us. These non-verbal behaviors seem to be non-significant in our everyday life, but they do play a key role in daily communication. Even though non-verbal communication could only express simple thoughts and feelings, it indicates the true ideas and emotions. As verbal language sometime different from what we really think, for example, lying and overstating are typical models, these behaviors build up more barriers and obstacles between peoples. Thus, understanding of these non-verbal behaviors helps us express us more clearly and beneficial for our relationships.

Non-verbal behaviors appear everywhere, every moment; even though they are common, but we did not pay much attention. And it leads to mismatch of verbal and non-verbal behavior creating ambiguity, the original idea could not be sent. In the past, when I was talking to others, I used to look at anywhere but not the one I was chatting with, no matter teachers or classmates. Because of this strange behavior, I was viewed as an ill-mannered student. It took me years to realize and solve it. In this situation, even though I thought I was talking with my teachers with the most polite language I knew, but my non-verbal behavior crumbled it. It is also a typical problem nowadays youth might have, as electronic gadgets become part of our life, most of us may focus on the smartphone in hand but not the friends around. Thus, the non-verbal behaviors reflect our manner, but lack of attention of these behaviors would be a worrying trend.

Moreover, the non-verbal behaviors are indicators of our true feelings. In the past I wondered that how my sister could catch me when I was lying all the time. But later on, I...
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