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Topics: Winter, Minnesota, Thief River Falls, Minnesota Pages: 4 (1107 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Should Minnesota’s County Road Commissions Take on More Responsibility? Katherine Monrowe

ENG 101b
Professor B. Hatchett
November 10, 2008

November 8, 2008
Mr. Walter Hooper
Chairman of T.R. County Road Commission
1881 Labree Ave.
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
Dear Mr. Hooper,
Enclosed is my proposal that the T.R. County Road Commission begin to plow and/or sand the main business commuter roads more frequently after and during inclement weather. During the past couple of years, the road commission has been too ill prepared to deal with the winter weather, and the lack of preparedness has caused many unfortunate accidents.

My proposal would provide concerned Thief River Falls residents with a renewed sense of security.
I believe that if the road commission were to increase the amount of times that the roads are plowed during and after winter weather, residents would feel more loyalty and respect towards those who work for our county, and it would help residents to have a safer commute to their jobs and their homes.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this proposal. Sincerely, Katherine Monrowe
Should Minnesota’s County Road Commissions Take on More Responsibility?
The winters in Northern Minnesota are harsh, cold, and dangerous. The average snowfall for the state falls between 30 and 38 inches per year. Within the past five years, the temperatures have been known to fluctuate greatly; from warmer temperatures during the day, to below freezing through the night. These temperature changes can cause dangerous road conditions, such as black ice, which can harmful or even deadly. Along with the weather changes, the county road commissions throughout Minnesota have been making changes as well; they have, significantly, cut back on the amount of time and effort that they spend plowing, sanding, and/or salting the roads. These cut backs may seem minor, but they are resulting in many unnecessary accidents and...
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