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  • Published: December 11, 2012
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How far can Malcolm X be seen as the key individual in contribution the civil rights movement? Malcolm X’s contribution to the civil rights movement arguably make him the key individual, one particular input being “His most far-reaching impact was among the masses of African-Americans in the ghettos of American cities.” . His main priority was to increase black consciousness a concept highly influenced by the idea introduced by Marcus Garvey in the early twentieth century. As Marcus Garvey stated “The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.” With this approach as the foundation to Malcolm X’s ideology he went on to pursue what could be seen as a great contribution to changing social attitudes towards black people and economic power. However other individuals could be seen as having the most contribution towards the civil rights movement such as Martin Luther king who insisted on legal desegregation and organisation of the civil rights movement. These factors could be seen as having a bigger impact than just black consciousness, social impacts and economic power which was what Malcolm x found most important. Malcolm X introduced a unique and revolutionary approach to the civil rights movement which broke away from mainstream organisations such as the NAACP. He was the representative of the Nation of Islam which had approximately 60-100,000 active members promoting black awareness. He offered an alternative approach which was self sustenance and self defence of black people. Although Malcolm’s approach may be proven to be a success by looking at the legacy left behind he had many direct negative impacts on the civil rights movement. One major flaw in his approach was he alienated white Americans by arguing separatism and didn’t approve of their input; as a result there would be less cooperation from the government, and the outcome being slow progress in gaining legal desegregation. Malcolm also stated that equality...
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