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Part One
Question #3
For the following product indicate what factors you would use to estimate market potential. oYoplait Yogurt
The factors would be brand recognition; the brand is one of the leading companies in the US. The other would be internationality; the yogurt sales trough out different countries and now is opening a market in China. Its forecast that this market will skyrocket the demand for the yogurt. oRolex Watches

Here the factor would be the brand but not because of the recognition but because of its’ reliability. Rolex has been known to read the time with absolute accuracy since its first model. The watch has been use since world war one because of this feature, it was, it is and it will be the perfect watch for the more demanding costumer. Last factor would be price, obviously this is not a watch that anyone can afford so the publicity must be made for the specific target market. oDell Personal Computers

For Dell only the branding would do, this is a company that has dedicated its life to the creation of computers work environments and its personal ones are build the same way. Another factor that has help increase market share is building amazing products with a cheaper price tag. This strategy has help Dell increase sales and come above all of its competitors. oToro Power Riding Lawnmowers

Here I would say variability the lawnmowers they sale are not only for homeowners, they also got for other different markets. This makes them more available and helps in penetrating different segments of market. oEktelon Racquetball racquets

I would say its pioneering technologies. This company is known for changing the know designs of racquets for more ergonomically ones with practically weightless material. This has helped the company to be known as one of the best in its market and is a leading brand of the sport. o Nichole Miller Designer Ties

In this case it’s a little challenging because the market already has its...
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