Pr Plan on Rizal Park

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Tanquilut, Lawrence S.
PR Plan on Rizal Park
I. Executive Summary
Rizal Park also known as Luneta Park is the historical place where the Philippine's national hero executed. It was once called "Bagumbayan" or New Town. It is located in the heart of the city Manila and is near the old walled city Manila, now called Intramuros. Many significant events about Philippine History happened in this park. Some of these events are the declaration of Philippine Independence from American rule and political rallies in the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos that led to the famous EDSA Revolution which ended Marcos dictatorial government. The park is located in northern terminus of Roxas Boulevard. It is a 54 hectare park and is operated by National Parks Development Committee. It was established in 1820.

It is an urban park which has been a favorite spot for relaxing, unwinding, bonding and socializing. Luneta is an urban oasis which has been a good place for family picnics on weekends and holidays. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Manila City. Rizal Park has gardens, historical markers, plazas, a grand stadium, an observatory, an open-air concert hall, an artists' sanctuary, a light-and-sound theatre, restaurants, food kiosks and playgrounds, and dozens of fountains. There are several nearby tourist spots like the Manila Ocean Park, Manila Planetarium, and National Museum of the Philippines.

For the past few years, the rate of people going to the park tourists and locals included is decreasing. What happened to the place? Are the government and its organizations managing the place properly? Is the place still being treated as an important historical place or do you think the value of the place is gone? Are they doing proper measures to bring in people to the park?

II. Situation Analysis
Rizal Park is located at the heart of the city Manila, the country's capital. The location was a good choice because of several facts. It is a historical site which a significant event took place in. This park is famous because Presidents of other countries visit the place and make a tribute of wreath. Manila is a business district. It is an urban city which is modern in terms of the buildings and road. People will notice because it is located near the highway. The structures are in there are great. However, there is also a bad side to the location. It was inefficient and wasn't maximized. Before getting to the place, people will experience traffic roads and they will see pollution and illegal settlers everywhere. They will tend to realize that if Manila is a dirty city, what more for the other cities.

The strengths of the Rizal Park are: there are good structures which tourists can take pictures, the area is relaxing and peaceful that is why it is considered as a picnic grove for some Filipinos, and it has nearby tourist destinations that tourist can choose on what to do next. There are also groups performing in the Park time to time.

The weaknesses of Rizal Park are the place now is not managed properly. Another is that it is not maintained well. Also there is a low entrance fee that's why the place is not improved. The last renovation of the place was in 2011 by the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) which aimed at restoring elements of the park. The plans include the rehabilitation of the old musical dancing fountain located on the 40 × 100 m (130 × 330 ft) pool, which is the geographical center of the park. The fountain, which is set for inauguration on December 16, 2011, is handled by German-Filipino William Schaare, the same person who built the original fountain in the 1960s. Restoration also includes the Flower Clock which is set for inauguration on the 113th Philippine Independence day; the Noli Me Tangere Garden and Luzviminda Boardwalk, for the 150th birthday celebration of Jose Rizal. The musical dancing fountain was made attractive by adding lights and lasers. The...
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