Pr for Fashion Brands

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PHow important is PR to fashion brands? PR is a vital field when it comes to communicating with your possible buyers.Fashion is all about “image” and creating the perfect shape to represent one’s personality , that is why fashion brands should most definitely use PR in order to create a statement about what they really want to express.It will not only create a perfect balance in keeping a good relationship with the other part , but consolidate your brand and help it improve and develop. How has social media transformed fashion brands in your opinion? Social media is one of the most influential instruments that keeps shaping and reshaping opinions and beliefs.Interacting,creating,sharing and exchanging are the main key-words we can underline when talking about it. Fashion brands are often viewed from different perspectives according to how they are placed in the buyer’s perception at a particular moment.That placement I am talking about is rather influenced not only by your own experience but by considering other opinions as well.Blogs,forums and other social networks are a great place for advertising your own brand,especially if you are dwelling with the titans in fashion brands. Can you, in 30 seconds or less, convince someone who has never heard of your brand that it’s worth their time to see the collection? I wouldn’t not necessarily use the word “convince”,but rather insist on the word “interest”.Because that is what I think you need in order to make someone who has never heard of your brand to go on and try it.Curiosity is humanity’s greatest trait that generates many different outcomes.If you can manage to make the other interested by showing and presenting him innovative things about your collection, you will most definitely have a possible new client.But I do think that my enthusiasm and social skills are very useful in this situation.  

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