Pr- 10 Things to Get Done Before Hiring a Fashion Pr Agency

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10 Things to Get Done Before Hiring a Fashion PR Agency
While any fashion PR agency worth noting will be well-equipped to help you develop your brand, provide strategic guidance and creative direction, for brands with limited budgets there are several things you can do ahead of the gate to ensure that your PR team is able to quickly mobilize to get the word out about your brand. Once you’ve got these, the next step is to become your fashion publicist’s favorite client!

Brand identity

Why are you in this business? What are you trying to say? How are you similar to and yet different from your competitors? What is unique about your design team, the way you sourced your fabrics, the idea for the name of this season’s collection? Begin to think like an editor and come to your PR team with as much information about what makes you you. This cuts down on the sleuthing and increases story angles.

Target customer

Many brands make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone, thinking this will help increase their changes of success. The reverse is actually true. If you can come to your PR agency with a clear picture of who your clothes are made for, your PR team will be able to come up with strategies and tactics designed to appeal to that customer, not her 70-year old grandmother.

Style sheet & logo files

A style sheet lists your brand colors, fonts and any directions related to how your logo or tagline can and cannot be used. Send those clear directions as well as your logo in it’s original form (usually EPS) as well as hi-res and low-res versions. This cuts down on unnecessary back and forth and helps keep your press coverage on-brand. You never want someone doing a google image search and choosing an old logo to accompany a post.

Well-branded, social-media friendly website

Your website is the foundation of your online presence and it’s important that it clearly and effectively communicate your brand identity. Images should be able to be...
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