Ppsmi Is Important

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Thesis Statement: PPSMI allowed in school is more beneficial than abolish.

I. Malaysia’s schoolchildren should be on par with best in the world and grow up globally confident, competent and competitive. A. Continue to offer PPSMI option at the primary level. 1. Spend more time in English for children so that they can improve their proficiency. 2. Primary school stage is a suitable platform for learning language. B. Malaysian’s student will be able to access the whole world of English Science and Mathematics. 1. Student able to on route to international standards. 2. The English language has been widely used in Malaysia for many years.

II. Mastering the English language will not make one less patriotic as English is currently the language of knowledge. A. As a Malaysia student, we have to understand foreign languages. 1. We have to face if we want to understand Science and Mathematics for betterment of our lives. 2. Build the nation towards becoming a developed nation. B. Both Science and Mathematics is expanded through time with numerous research and inventions which are all in English. 1. Without the ability to translate all these new knowledge, the Malays will be left behind in the most important fields, such as IT field. 2. For those who do not understand English would lose out in terms of new scientific findings.

III. Malaysia’s student is easier to do research and revision from internet. A. The importance of the Internet grows rapidly in all fields of human life, including research and education. 1. Most of the search engines was English.

2. As an international language, the mastery in English language would allow easy access to information in these fields. B. English can be at least understood almost everywhere among scholars and educated people, as it is the...
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