Ppsa-Hnu Debate Speech (1st Affirmative)

Topics: Philippines, Provinces of the Philippines, Regions of the Philippines Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: February 11, 2013
TEOPIZ, Ma. Luzila Paola G.

“Resolved that, there be total gun ban during elections in the Philippines”

1st affirmative speaker

“Mr. Chairperson, honorable judges, worthy opponents, ladies and gentlemen: Good afternoon!”

“The resolution before us today is that there be total gun ban during elections in the Philippines. We, the affirmative side, define total gun ban as prohibition against any person who bears, carries or transports firearms or other deadly weapons outside his residence or place of business and in public places even if licensed to posses or carry the same. In addition, the ban covers airguns, airsoft guns and replicas/imitations of firearms in whatever form that can cause an ordinary person to believe they are real. The only persons/entities allowed to carry firearms during elections should only be the officers and members of the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces, and other agents of law enforcement or government security agencies.”

“The affirmative side believes that total gun ban is indeed necessary for several reasons. One reason is that, this measure is seen to curb violence especially during election period which is historically marked by bloody clashes among conflicting candidates. Case in point incidents like the murder of 3 village persons in Zamboanga del Sur, just last October 2012, for supporting a particular candidate. Two clans who were supporting different candidates were stabbed and shot after a political gathering. And who would ever forget the gruesome and ever infamous Maguindanao massacre? Even COMELEC passed resolution drawn from Section 261 (q) of the Omnibus Election Code which identifies carrying firearms during election period is an “election offense”. Also, candidates running in the 2013 polls are prohibited from enlisting bodyguards including members of the Philippine National Police or the Armed Forces, unless warranted and assigned security detail by the COMELEC. The government had...
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