Ppp - Public Private Partnership : Libanpost Case

Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Economics Pages: 17 (5120 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Faculté de Gestion et de Management
1er année de Master, Option Distribution

Strategic Diagnostic
« Public Private Partnership: LibanPost Case »

Under the supervision of Mr. Abdallah Farhat

Presented By: Ayman YASSINE

I would like to thank all those who gave me the chance to create a new framework in my life and helped me to step into the professional life and learn a new profession which is very useful for my future. I would like to thank Mr. Abdallah Farhat, the director of my memory for all the advice and recommendations he gave me in order to accomplish my memory. My thanks to the University that offered its students comprehensive training with all the material necessary theoretical and practical, in particular our Dean Mr. Tony Jbeily, and certainly Mr. Leonel Matar coordinator of First year of Master. Finally, I extend my sincere thanks to the team of the company "LibanPost" and in particular Mr. Eric Annayan, Mr. Joe Sfeir, and the Corporate Sales team for their support, their help, for their patience and the time they sacrificed to help me accomplish my memory.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary5
Section 1 – Privatization and Public Private Privatization8
Chapter 1 – Privatization9
What is the meaning of “Privatization”?9
What are its objectives?10
What are its merits?10
What are the obstacles to implementing Privatization in Lebanon?10
Chapter 2 – Public Private Partnership11
What is the meaning of “Public Private Partnership”?11
Purpose and Vision11
Section 2 – General Strategic Diagnosis13
Chapter 3 – The Company and its Environment13
Market of Goods and Services13
Company Classification13
Main Objective of a Company14
Company Environment14
Chapter 4 – Strategic Diagnosis15
Why make a Strategic Diagnosis?16
Main Objectives of a Strategic Diagnosis16
The Development of a Strategic Diagnosis17
Chapter 5 – Strategic Segmentation18
Strategic Activity Domain18
Strategic Segmentation Methods19
Chapter 6 – Internal Company Analysis19
Functional Analysis20

Executive Summary

This study is divided into two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part, we will assess the privatization idea, public private partnership idea and develop different theories relating to strategic diagnosis.  Strategic diagnosis is an approach to consider all resources available to a private or public company in order to reflect its actual situation at any given time. The study of strategic diagnosis based on the analysis of several factors: * The strengths and weaknesses of the company in terms of skills and resources. * Opportunities and threats in the competitive environment. The diagnosis can therefore identify distinctive competencies of the company against its competitors, taking into consideration all the factors inherent in its business. The development of a diagnostic strategy involves several steps; First, the strategic segmentation is to cut all strategic activities of a company in homogeneous subsets, called "strategic activity". Then there is an internal analysis of the company is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the company. This allows the company to respond to threats and opportunities to benefit the environment. Several analytical tools are used to design the internal analysis of the company whose functional analysis, value chain, key success factors analysis and marketing mix. Thus, analysis of the external environment is an additional step to previous analyzes. It is to analyze the external environment of the company, to study the macro environment and the micro environment of the company. This study can be done by analyzing the matrix of Michael Porter, PESTEL, McKinsey 7S framework and SWOT analysis. Finally, in the practical part, we will present the company "LibanPost" discuss its internal functions and study its external...
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