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Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Learning Pages: 8 (2705 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Task 2- Analyzing experience questions
Question- 1: What are the strengths and weaknesses of this definition for expressing what you understand by ‘experience’? The strength of this definition is that it elaborates on what people need to do in order for them to obtain an experience. According to the definition, it is about encountering and undergoing something which is one of the main important parts of obtaining an experience. The weakness of this definition is that it does not discuss another important aspect of experience such as observation and trying. An important part of an experience is observing the facts or the events and thinking about the impact of this observation to your life personally. The definition does not discuss what experience can lead to such as acquiring further knowledge or skills. Question 4- What sort of experience are you likely to learn most from? Why is this? One type of experience is Emotional experience as it the Emotional hurt and pain that you learn from. The emotional pain becomes an experience and you try to prevent this type of harm from causing you any emotional hurt in the future. Another example may be Practical experience, it can make it easier to recognise when something important and important is occurring. It can give you that experience in actually undergoing something and learning from the mistakes or how well you undergo the practical aspects. Question 6: According to Kolb, what are four stages of the Experiential Learning process presented in the lecture The first stage is called the concrete experience which “initiates the learning process by engaging with the world.” (Anne M K and Eraut M, 2011, p95) The second stage is called reflective observation which involves reflecting on what has happened throughout the experience. The next stage is Abstract conceptualization where the learner “turns observations into advice for the future” (Anne M K and Eraut M, 2011, p95) and the last stage is called Active experimentation where you try out what you have learned and this is when you go back to the first step of the cycle. Question 8: What experiences have you had in your life outside work where you have learned skills which could be helpful in these situations. My experience in multitasking and prioritising my life could help in this situation as every day I have to prioritise my time for university, work, social life and even family to ensure that everything is getting completed and I could use these skills to help me to decide which letter is important. My university and family life are two both important things in my life and has given me experience in prioritising. I would look at the subject and read each email and I would reply to the important and waiting ones first and leave insignificant ones till the end. When I volunteered at the charity shop, I wrote many letters to local organisations thanking them for their donation. I could use this experience to write the letter to the trade association. My experience managing my family members during birthday parties could be used to manage the meeting. I manage my family members to ensure that all of the tasks are completed and that we have enough food and drinks for everyone. Question 10: Can you describe people on whom you may have modelled some of your behaviour during your life? (think of a few specific examples) I have modelled my behaviour to my parents during my life. I have observed their doings and tried to remember what I have observed such as respect and honesty and try my best to imitate this respect and honesty to others. Another example may be my Manager at the Charity shop. I have observed her Ambition and work for non-profit just to help unfortunate people and try to help unfortunate people myself. I have modelled this behaviour to other people demonstrating my ambition in helping the unfortunate. Task 3- How do you think?

This report will reflect on my strengths and weaknesses of my thinking...
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