Powerful Woman Motivation

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What Makes a Woman Powerful
“A powerful woman doesn’t have to
prove she is powerful.” Women who feel the need to prove their power usually worry, secretly, that they hold no power at all. Deep down, they’re trying to prove something to themselves. And the more they continue down this path, the more they prove their doubts correct! If you find yourself trying to prove your power to others, stop. Let your power make itself known, through your quiet, calm confidence and the respect that surrounds you.

Let Go of Destructive Relationships
“A strong self-image requires a strong support system.” While each of us is responsible for our own selfimage, it’s important to have support, encouragement and inspiration from those we value. Nothing erodes your self-image more quickly than unhealthy or destructive relationships. Seek out those who only want the best for you. Spend time with friends who cheer you on to reach your potential. Nurture friendships that are positive and uplifting. Look for friends that listen attentively, that believe in you and encourage you. Your self-image will grow stronger until you can reach any goal!

Face Conflict with Confidence
“Are you avoiding conflict?” Do you avoid speaking your mind because you don’t want to rock the boat? Do you feel it’s just easier to avoid conflict? When you don’t take initiative and express your own wants and needs, others make decisions for you – and chances are, they won’t always make the decisions you want! If this goes on long enough, you will start to feel misunderstood or taken for granted. Anger and resentment will grow and you’ll eventually erupt. You are the only one who can decide to change this behavior!

Guarantee Excitement in Your Life
• “Do what you love – and excitement will follow.” • When you follow what you love in life, challenges can be tough because the stakes are high. You set your whole heart on reaching your goal and you want, so badly, to succeed! • It’s not always easy. But, doing what you love means that, each morning, you awaken with passion and excitement at your core. • It means you’re finding hidden strengths you didn’t know you possessed. And, you’re equipped to get over obstacles and disappointments with grace. • Most of all, it means no regrets. No matter what, you’re living an exciting life, doing what you were born to do.

Never Underestimate Your Abilities
“Only women know the difference between offwhite, cream and ivory.” Imagine how dull life would be if you only saw things in black and white. What if all the infinitely wonderful shades that we, as women, are able to appreciate turned to shades of gray? Our greater sensitivity enables us to find magic within the ordinary. Maybe it’s our sense of style and innate creativity. Or could it be we know there’s much more pleasure in having three colorful sweaters, instead of just one white one? Never under estimate your abilities, your creativity and your sensitivity. With all these talents no one can deny that you are an amazing human being!

Know What Your Future Holds
“Focus on your future instead of on what you missed.” It’s important to look back on past successes but it’s even more important to use your vision to look ahead. When we spend too much time looking back at past events, we get caught up in the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” mental talk. Learn from your past, then let it go. Focus your imagination on your future. When you send these good thoughts out in front of you, they prepare and smooth the way. Use your imagination to reel in all the possibilities that lie ahead. Picture your ultimate success and then get to work creating it. When you take the giant step and dare to believe, your dreams will come true.

Get More Done
• “Organize your time.” • Getting the most from every minute starts with better organization. This means you need to be in tune with your immediate priorities and willing to stick with them. • As you go...
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