Powerful Nature of Reflective Writing

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Powerful nature of reflective writing
The counsellors considered that reflective writing was a powerful tool both for themselves in managing their therapeutic practice and for the clients who used it. In dealing with difficult situations and the strong feelings and thoughts arising from them, it was felt that reflective writing was extremely useful to them. For example, The use of reflective writing leads to deeper and different disclosure from that possible within support or supervision discussion. Deeper levels of engagement in the relationship and more awareness within the therapeutic process are achieved through the insights gained in reflective writing, a process where the experience is the focus…. The following quotation reveals more details about the power of reflective writing as a tool for counsellors: It is absolutely powerful, the content. It is not restricted, it is not censored, it is not expected, it is just so real, tangible. It really is…. These descriptions reveal the significance of reflective writing for the counsellors, who consider safe, ethical and effective practice to be of paramount importance. However, the contribution made by both an internal supervisor and external supervision in achieving this standard of good practice was fully acknowledged by them. Reflective writing and ethical practice

The contract was considered to be the key to ethical, effective practice. It clarifies the nature of the relationship, for example, what is content and what is process as regards client material and writing: Is it OK to share this person’s experiences in a poem? Yes, it is, so long as I continue to rework it and turn it from the very personal . . . and the whole point of writing is to universalise the writing so it speaks to everyone . . . it is about confidentiality versus universality. The final point in the above quotation summarises the ethical understanding of the ‘ownership’ of reflective writing. This includes the process of managing the...
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