Powerful Influences Can Result in Exclusion of Individuals from Society, to What Extent Do Your Texts Explore These Ideas.

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Powerful influences can result in exclusion of individuals from society, to what extent do your texts explore these ideas.

Exclusion is explored to a large extent throughout the poem ‘feliks skrzynecki’ Powerful influences displayed in the poem ‘feliks skrzynecki that caused Peter, the poet, to feel excluded from society much the same as his “gentle father” is that of culture and heritage. This is a world from which the son Peter, to a large extent feels excluded. There is a cultural divide of time, place and language cutting him off from the Polish companionships his father enjoys. Nostalgia is depicted through the quotes “talking they reminisced/About farms where paddocks flowered/With corn and wheat/Horses they bred and pigs they were skilled in slaughtering.” The poets son experiences his own form of alienation, not due to the migration process but being the son of those that have undertaken such upheavel in their lives. He looks on and listens rather than participates acknowledging his fathers connectedness with his Polish friends and with his garden but is unable to share. He envies the happiness/contentment and sense of belonging his father feels. The metaphor and imagery used in the quote “watched me pegging my tents/Further and further south of Hadrian’s Wall” exhibits clearly the sense of exclusion and alienation the son, Peter feels as his and his father’s worlds grow apart. The poet uses the image of a barrier to show that the powerful influence of cultural divide can’t be broken down or scaled, emphasising the exclusion experienced by the son, from his father.

Exclusion is explored to a great extent throughout THE HELP by Tate Taylor 2011. The powerful influences involved are also based on cultural identity and how a persons race or heritage impacts their sense of belonging to society etc. The film the help by tate taylor 2011 is a beautifully told story of courage and justice and being brave enough to ignore and turn away from social norms....
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