Power Speech

Topics: Racism, Nobel Peace Prize, African American Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: November 5, 2010
Today I will be speaking on my understanding of power and the many ways it is shaped in different manners. The word Power is defined as the capability or control to do something yourself or impower other people, whether it be in a positive or negative way. This ,however, is what ive come to understand over the 32 different definitions of the word power. Power can be represented on many different levels from the obvious, such as electricity, to the power of an individual to inspire others through speech. Many people over time have used the power of speech to spread their message and convey their beliefs across an audience in the act to influence them. Martin Luther King (one of the most successful public speakers in history) was considered a powerful man. He used the power of speech to convey his message of peace and equality for all African-American people to the whole of the USA and since then has been an icon of human rights. By using the power of speech he has achieved honours such as the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in helping put an end to racial segregation and discrimination. However, Power isn’t always used in a positive way, it can be used in a negative ways also, such as the way Hitler did during his reign, by using the power of fear to get his demands across. No one was game enough to stop him or even disagree because of the fear of what could and would happen if they were to speak or act out against him. Many other examples of power are given in the movie Freedom Writers. Freedom Writers is set between 1992 through to1995 in Los Angeles, America in a high school where an integration program has been put in place, which causes the students to break off into their own racial groups. If a member of a certain racial group enters another groups territory a fight will most likely be the outcome. This happens in the movie and it ends in a brawl involving the whole school. A class of students known as the “unteachables” are assigned a new teacher who is...
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