Power, Sex, Suicide

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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owerPower, Sex, Suicide
Mark LeungMr. Behrend
SCH3U0-01Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Nick Lane, the author, has a very big interest in the mitochondria. The book gives very detailed descriptions about the mitochondria and biological terms regarding about the mitochondria. The title “Power, Sex, Suicide” got me interested to read the book. The title relates to the book itself because the book itself talks about a bit of evolution of life, the sexual reproduction, and the process of aging. “Mitochondria – The Meaning of Life”, the subtitle, gives the general idea of what the book is about. At first, mitochondria was typically known as “The power centers of the cell” but in this book, Nick has given effort out of interest to make a book that talks more about the interesting facts about the mitochondria and how it affects the evolution of humanity. The mitochondria, isn’t just a powerhouse of a cell, it was thought to be an “independent bacteria living lives” and the name originated from the Mitochondrial Eve. The author would take us back in the past at around 2-3 billion years ago and it gives us an introduction of the whole process of the evolutionary process of the mitochondria. He would split the information of the process of the evolutionary process of the mitochondria in 7 sections where each section explains a piece of the origin of the mitochondria and how it is today. When the mitochondria were still known as “independent bacteria living lives”, the book explains about how through the process of “endosymbiosis” it was being taken into organelles and became a part of the development of where we are now. Without the mitochondria being engulfed by other single – celled eukaryotes, then life on earth wouldn’t be as evolved as it is now.

From reading this book, it was in a way that if you don’t know too much about the mitochondria, you will be confused. After a few times of reading the same section of the book, you’re able to see the...
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