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Topics: Environmentalism, Marketing, Environment Pages: 5 (1716 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The main objective of the study is to determine the concern of the consumer with respect to the issues related to the environment, usage of eco-friendly products, knowledge related to the issues related to the environment and recommendations to use methodologies to save environment. The result of the study aims at spreading the awareness related to the environment and to promote the use and buying of eco-products and to understand the use of the concept of green computing in our day to day life and the benefits that it will provide to us and also to the environment. Introduction:

It was only few years’ back that the concept of solar cell phones, disposable laptops, and wooden computers was unknown. But in the present day, as the number of eco-friendly devices have increased, our more and more demand for the eco-friendly products has aroused the need in the development of products from methanol laptops to compostable computers. As the generation of today is more concerned with preservation of our planet, it is the main goal of the businesses and companies to provide consumers with a wide set of products that will not only meet demand of the consumers but also will be eco-friendly which will thus be able to present to the world that its organization is committed to the important causes.

The belief is that the consumer’s pro-environmental concern is one of the determinants of their “green buying” behaviour i.e., buying and consuming products that are environmentally beneficial (Mainieri et al., 1997).There are various gadgets available in the market that not only meets the ever increasing demands of the consumers for high-tech use of gadgets but also are eco-friendly. Some of the gadgets that are available in the market are as Eco mobile chargers, Wooden or disposable laptops, Sun-powered laptop chargers, Solar powered cell phones, Eco mouse powered by laptop’s heat, Solar powered Bluetooth headset, Green video gaming, Bamboo speakers, Eco USB paper, Eco-friendly outlets etc. Thus people as consumers can make a great impact through their purchasing decisions and reduce the impact on the environment which can make a huge positive difference. Forsta is suggesting a new green concept that will make use of natural or renewable resources when developing green products and make use of natural features. Forsta are a kind of speaker system that will use bamboo as the sound box whose sound quality will increase with the growth in the size of bamboo. As an example considered, Dell’s new G series LCD laptop 24-inch is one of the eco-friendly product that can be said as the greenest product because it sports EPEAT Gold rating and in circuits uses halogen-free circuit boards as well as chassis plastic which is made from 25% post-consumers recycled plastics. Other specs of it include 1920 x 1080 panel resolution, contrast ratio of 1000:1, 250 nits of brightness, and connectors of VGA/DVI and a 5 millisecond of response time. “Fortunately there are number of things that we can do so that we can make our world a better place to live in” (Jenn Savedge, 2009). Thus if we make smarter decisions of which food items to eat and which to buy we can reduce the harmful impact that can occur to environment. “The rapid growth in the past years has witnessed increased consumers consumption worldwide causing environmental deterioration through over consumption and utilization of natural resources (Chen and Chai, 2010). It is assumed that if such pattern of consumption is continued to be followed than it will have a worse impact on the environment. In today’s world there is an increased awareness related to global warming and as a result people have started taking interest in the development and protection of the environment. Thus a shift towards more eco friendly consumptions can be made that can help to increase public environmental awareness. Today, environmental or green marketing, a strategic marketing approach is a recent...
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