Power Pride and Unity as Illustrated in Triumph of the Will.

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Triumph of the will is a 1934 Nazi propaganda film directed by Leni Reifenstal.It chronicles the 1934 Nazi party congress in Nuremberg, and remains one of the most accalimed political propaganda film of all times.Throughout the film, the Nazy party is painted as a party of power and unity,thau is inspiring patriotism.

The sole purpose of the movie is to glorify Hitler and his party and mobilize the whole country to join the Nazi movement.Therefore it was imperative to make him look God-like, strong powerful and leader of a new germany of solidarity.Ironically, he chose Leni ,a woman director to lead this task and gave her unlimited budget and access to achieve a satisfying result. The film opens with an aerial travelling scene through the fog and clouds and gorgeous sky, opening up like heaven over quaint red roofs and lush, rolling green hills. The viewer might even imagine he or she is flying, gliding over the picturesque towns that he or she is suddenly so proud of. The towns, the cathedral towers, the flowing German flag all display something a heritage and a custom that a german citizen can identify with. Upon arriving at the airport, Hitler and the other nazi leaders emerge from the plane to thunderous applauses.Hitler appears dominant and imposing and filling up the screen thanks to low-level shots.Traveling by airplane in itself is a testament of power since in the 1930s flying was a luxury reserved to only few people. Hitler was the driven to his hotel through street filled with men women and children.This entire scene shows just how powerful and commanding Hitler appears. It is as if everyone gathered to witness the descending of the savior from the heavens.

The second day shows the preparations for the opening of the congress, including the arrival of top Nazi officials.The film then cuts to the opening ceremony where the nazi hierarchy is introduced. Majors speeches are made. Among the themes presented, the desire for pride in...
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