Power Play for Howard 2

Topics: Washington Wizards, Portland Trail Blazers, National Basketball Association Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: July 11, 2009
Power Play for Howard
In the case study Power Play for Howard Brubaker and Asher (2007) presents the negotiation process associated with the NBA star Juwan Howard as he an his representatives negotiated for what was at the time one of the most lucrative free agent signings in NBA history. The process of obtaining the 7 year $100 million dollar deal lasted 30 days and experienced more twists, turns, starts, stops and interventions than a Chinese fire drill. Throughout the remainder of the paper Learning Team B will address the benefits, costs and risked associated with the negotiation process from the perspective of the player and his agent, the Washington Bullets and the Miami Heat. In addition, the team will attempt to identify the lessons learned thus far in the course. Case Summary – Sara

In the case study “A Power Play for Howard” it states how Juwan Howard, negotiated his contract for both teams Miami Heat and the Washington Bullets. Juwan Howard nearly became the highest paid basketball player for the Miami Heat, but this was short lived the contract was voided by the NBA before he could enjoy it. However, in the mist of negotiations between the Miami Heat the Bullets were turned down in the hopes that the Miami Heat would make an offer that Howard could not refuse. The negotiations between Juwan Howard and both teams are known as an integrative negotiation, because it’s a win- win for Howard and which ever team is chosen. Negotiation with the Bullets would mean at least another guaranteed seven years for the Washington Bullets. Howard, also stands to substantially gain from the Miami Heat who has offered him twenty two million dollars more than the Bullets, plus incentives; which compensates for him reaching his prime with in those seven years. In this article Howard focused on money as a deciding factor and loyalty proved to overcome all. One of the many important facts displayed in this case study is how Howard learned the importance of...
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