Power Outage and Load Shedding Frequency

Topics: Power outage, Rolling blackout, Electricity Supply Board Pages: 20 (2822 words) Published: May 22, 2011
1. Introduction

1.1 Background of this report
Due to inadequate power generation in several power plants load shedding started early this year. Dhaka city experiences frequent power outage in the last few years and the situation is likely to continue. People living in Mirpur and Old part of Dhaka are experiencing the worst outage in Dhaka. Frequent power cut is causing immense suffering in public life. Production of garments factory is running low in the city. Office work is severely disrupted. Low-income workers including mechanics, laundry owners, and motor workshops are the worst sufferer. Cyber café, computer compose centers are also suffering. So this report has been prepared on the on the topic “Load shedding in Mirpur Area”

1.2 Significance of the Report:

Life in the capital has become utterly miserable over the years days due to a severe heat wave accompanied with repeated load shedding. We prepare this report to know the people’s problems because of load shedding. The significance of the report is in this report we know what kind of problem they actually face in the time of load shedding.

1.3 Scope of the Report:

This report covered by the people of Mirpur area who are the suffers of load shedding. Hopefully, this report can cover the overall people of Mirpur area. We also gather knowledge from this report.

4. Objectives of the Report:

The major objective of this report is to know about the load shedding problem in Mirpur area.

1.5 Methodology:

This chapter would include methods selected for data collection/analysis, rationale behind selecting those methods, its limitations and advantages for conducting the research.

1.5.1 Type of research:

This report is based on descriptive research because it analyzes the load shedding problem & sufferers of load shedding in mirpur area.

1.5.2 Source of information: There use two type of information, those are:

❖ Secondary information: Secondary-research was carried out using sources from personally-owned books and some reliable sources from internet.

❖ Primary information: There will be a lot of emphasis on primary research as there are very limited secondary resources available for this topic. Primary research would include both quantitative and qualitative approach which will be based on the research-objectives. The general people of mirpur area are source of this information.

1.5.3 Data collection procedure:

❖ Secondary data collect from internet article

❖ Primary data collect from a survey over general people.

1.5.6 Questionnaire:

❖ Size- 6 pages A4 paper size.

❖ Administer time- Average 15 minutes per questionnaire.

❖ Type- Both close ended and open ended question are used.

1.5.7 Sampling Plan:

❖ Population: All House hold in Mirpur Area.

❖ Sampling units: individual house hold.

❖ Sample Elements: Members of each household.

❖ Sample Frame: no sampling frame is used.

❖ Sampling procedure: We apply convenience method under non-random process..

❖ Sample Size: For our research, we take as a small sample of 100 people

|Area |Number of Respondents | |Student | 39 | | | | |Serviceholdre |30 | |Businessman |10 | |Housewife |18 | |Others |4 |

1.5.8 Limitations:

➢ The sample used for the study will...
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